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Hollywood Down Low

The first novel from Leigh Paulk

In 1994, Hollywood’s infamous movers and shakers mingle at Club Ten, a glitzy Sunset Boulevard strip joint. Recent college-grad Allison Patrick hates serving booze to the club’s pervy patrons while wearing a thong and bustier. Ugh. But Club Ten is the key to the cash Allison needs to take an unpaid internship in politics. When rising star Heston Stahl skips out on his huge tab, Allison must catch him or use her precious savings to cover the tab herself. Tracking down Heston, Allison stumbles on his corpse. She falls face first onto the tabloids’ front pages.

But Allison discovers she has problems more perilous than having her embarrassing resume put on blast. Like staying alive. Everyone tied to Heston’s murder has an angle and a secret. An abusive movie producer. A charismatic, cagy agent. A sexy B-movie actor with unsavory connections. A dirty cop turned entrepreneur. A former stripper with a heart of Am Ex gold cards. And Allison knows more than she thinks does. Enough to put her in the killer’s crosshairs.

Only Allison isn’t the pawn the killer thinks she is.


Allison is a player.

Shake You Down

Coming soon from Leigh Paulk

Gigi Larabee is a blackmailer about to get caught.  She never intended to misuse the skills she’d learned from Los Angeles private eye Joe Hughes, her surrogate father.  But after cancer took Gigi’s husband, leaving her mountains of medical bills and three daughters to raise alone, she couldn’t help noticing the neighbors in her toney Texas suburb have more money than morals. 

Some people just deserve to pay.

But they don’t deserve to die and neighborhood mean queen, Hartley Ballard, definitely was murdered.  Gigi needs the case solved fast—before the cops discover she’d been blackmailing the victim.  Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of people who had it in for Hartley.  Jealous family members.  Scorned lovers.  Fed-up fellow dance moms. 

Gigi needs Joe’s help.

Joe keeps Gigi’s blackmail secret but sends his junior partner Sullivan Moore, a former homicide detective, to help solve the case.  Gigi figures she can keep Sully’s investigation pointed in the right direction.  Away from her.  But Sully knows the old man and Gigi are hiding something, and he’s determined to get to the bottom of that mystery, too. 

When Gigi and Sully’s agendas set them on a collision course, they each must decide how far to pursue their own private missions …. and whether they can trust each other enough to join forces in tracking the determined killer who’d like to see them both pay.     

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